What We Do

You introduce yourself to the world with online films, so let’s make that first impression count.

Do this by being genuine and honest in telling your story. Letting customers and supporters see what you’re truly about.

 The more sincere you are in telling your story, the higher the engagement you will receive from viewers. We want to assist you in painting a picture of positive truth to the viewers of your film.

 We are passionate storytellers who believe in telling authentic stories. Whether you are a charity, company or a brand that needs a story telling, we are here to help you.

The Production Process

Step 1: Preparation

It’s useful to start thinking about what your story is, how you can put it into words and who your audience is going to be.

Get a small panel together and start discussing your story and collecting any material which could be used for your film.

Don’t be afraid to draw up a mind map or a spider diagram and create paragraphs explaining every point that features in your story.

Step 2 – Scoping session

We will meet with you at a location convenient to everyone involved or will set up a phone call to have a conversation about your story and what you want to be included in your film.

Together we will determine what parts of your story are most in line with the audience you’re targeting to watch your film and discuss how we can highlight these. We will talk through your ideas and look at all the footage you may already have to see if this is of any use for your new film.

The next step is to start the creative process. We will write up a shooting script which will detail where and how we’ll make the film, who will say what and what viewers will see in the film. This step allows you to productively criticise and make any final adaptations before filming.

Step 3: Filming & Editing

All the meticulous planning leads us to the filming day(s) and should be a fun experience for everyone involved. 

We will set up and our filmmaker(s) will capture all the relevant footage previously outlined in our shooting script or brief and make sure that everything runs smoothly and goes to plan. Additionally, the footage you already have should, at the very latest, be passed over on this day.

Next, we’ll produce a first edit of the film, send it over to you and let you comment on and productively scrutinise it. We will then implement all your requested changes. This process is at the very least done twice to make sure you are happy with how your story is being told.

Step 4: Delivery

Having a great film telling your story is one thing but promoting it so the right people see it is another.

We can help you with targeted social media and email campaigns as well as optimising your film for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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The easiest way to reach us is to give Christian a call on 07800 524585 or drop him an email at christian@mylifefilms.org. He’ll be happy to talk you through the production process and answer any questions that you may have.